1. Is there a limit to the number of sessions I can create?
    1. Limits, if any, will be based on your subscription level with Snapsight. Check your plan details.
  2. How do I cancel or delete a session?
    1. Go to the 'Sessions' tab, select the session, and you will find options to cancel or delete.
  3. Can I create recurring sessions?
    1. Yes.
  4. Snapsight Takeaway comes with transcription?
    1. Yes. They are generated during the live session. And also they are available to edit live and post session.
  5. Are the takeaways sharable?
    1. Yes. They are available to share in multiple social platforms.
  6. Are takeaways available to view in other languages?
    1. Snapsight supports Multi-Lingual Key Takeaways
  7. Can we be able to add speaker(s) after creating session(s)?
    1. After creating session, edit option is available to adjust session details and add speakers.
  8. Are we allowed to delete any part of the transcription?
    1. Currently Snapsight doesn’t allow deleting the transcription.
  9. Snapsight Takeaways are access controlled?
    1. Anyone with takeaway links can access the insights.
  10. Does audio feed link have any expiry?
    1. It doesn’t have any expiry. If session in not connected to audio feed, then session can be reused by adjusting the dates.